Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Your baby wears cloth! Why don't you?

Cloth diapering just makes sense right? It's better for baby's health, the planet, and your budget. All these same reasons apply to using cloth mama products as well. Ditch those disposable menstrual products and see why more and more moms each month are switching to reusable mama cloth!

Below are just a few reasons why you should consider switching.

Less Waste
Of course as any cloth diaper user knows, using cloth keeps non-biodegradable waste out of the landfill. The same logic applies to menstrual pads and is probably even more important since we women can be using menstrual pads for about 40 years and will generate up to 300lbs of waste if only using disposables. So to give the planet and future generations a break it simply makes sense to use cloth pads.

Less leaks
Cloth pads come in contoured, fitted shapes with wings and everything modern! Cloth pads are very absorbent and since they are less likely to shift, ruffle and leak, they provide assured and gentle comfort whilst wearing. There's nothing uncomfortable about them and you definitely won't walk around feeling like you've got on a disposable diaper!

More Economical
Just like with diapers, once you invest in your initial stash you are in for a free ride! It's then a joy each month to happily skip past the sanitary aisle in the supermarket and spend your cash on something far more enjoyable instead.

Chemical Free
With manufacturers increasingly keen to tempt us women into using the latest super thin pads with extra absorbency, you have to wonder about the type of gels and chemicals that are being used to achieve this feat. Similarly tampons that are bleached white, contain dioxins which is a dangerous chemical wherever it is found, much less for it being allowed so up close and personal! You can keep those chemicals and risks out of your undies by opting for cloth instead.

They're pretty too!
Granted no one will see them but you, mama cloth is sold in many sizes, shapes, prints and materials. There's something for everyone! Using cloth takes puts a little fun into what can be that not-so-fun time of the month.

Check out Knickernappies unique mama cloth design. Out Stackable Mama Pad sets allow you to customize the absorbency you need by using one or two pads. The shell is also reusable. As long as it didn't get soiled, you simply snap off the used pad and replace with a clean one.

We also now offer a Hemp option for those of you looking for a natural yet absorbent alternative to microfiber.

Visit one of our fine Retailers today and give cloth mama pads a try!


Mekayla_R said...

Ive been curious about these but wonder...how do you launder them? Do they wash with your dipes...or what? LOL...i know it sounds funny, but to launder them on their own would be a waste of a washcycle....so just curious.

Julie said...

Some mamas are comfortable washing them with their babes diapers and others throw in with their regular laundry. You can pre-soak them or rinse before washing too if that makes you more comfortable. Personally I would recommend washing with your bath towels, dish cloths, etc. and you'd have no problems at all. Just make sure not to use fabric softener with them. :)

Kansas Mom said...

Someday I'll stop getting pregnant and will be able to give them a try!

Secret Mommy said...

Haha! Kansas Mom, I'm with you! In 3 years I've only had 3 months of menstrual cycles between being pregnant twice and nursing nonstop since my first was born. I did use mama cloth for those 3 months, though, and am buying and sewing a stash to use whenever I'm done procreating! :) I launder mine with diapers and when I don't have kids in dipes, will probably wash with towels and sheets.

simplymerry said...

I want to make the switch myself, but have to wait a bit because of the cost of starting cloth diapering. soon, though, and i think i'll go with knickernappies! :)

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