Thursday, March 4, 2010

Knickernappies Retailer of the Week! Earth Angels Diaper Co.

Welcome to our weekly Featured Retailer of the Week! Each week we'll feature a new retailer and give you the scoop on the mama behind the business, why she loves cloth diapers, and we may even introduce special sales and/or discount codes for her store.

Knickernappies first retailer of the week is...Earth Angels Diaper Company!

Tell us about yourself, your family, and how you get started with cloth diapers-My name is Julie and I am a mama to three kiddos. My daughter is 6yrs old and my identical twin sons are 3yrs old. My husband is a local firefighter/paramedic in our area and I am a sahm turned wahm.

I got turned on to cloth by an online friend who recommended I give them a try. My sons went though our gifted supply of disposables by the time they were 4-5months old and we were going to have to start buying diapers for the first time since their birth.

I purchased some gently used pocket diapers from my online friend and I kid you not, 2 days later I was obsessed. I felt like I had an epiphany! I must open my own cloth diaper business! My husband thought I had gone crazy but he went along with it, what choice did he have, and here we are today. Earth Angels Diaper Co is 3 yrs old this month! Yippee!

What do you like most about being in the cloth diaper industry? I just love helping moms get started with cloth diapers and I love that often times cloth diapers are the beginning to a greener lifestyle for most and often leads to them making other eco-friendly changes in their household. I also love the fact that pretty much all the companies I deal with are run by mom-preneurs and I love that when I succeed it's helping them succeed.

What are your favorite Knickernappies products and why? Well the Knickernappies sized pockets were some of my favorites to see on my boys when they were in cloth, the fit was awesome and super trim and I loved that they didn't mess with the side snaps and try to take off their diapers.

I'd also have to say I am of course, super impressed with the Super Do. I love that when I have a customer with a heavy wetting baby who is having leak issues, or just can't find the right overnight solution, that I can recommend the SuperDo and be 100% confident that she will love it.

Another great reason I love Knickernappies products is their quality construction and the fact that their made in the USA! Woot Woot!

Stop by Earth Angels Diaper Co. today and check out their fabulous selection of cloth diapers including all the Knickernappies diapers and accessories!

Take advantage of FREE Shipping on ALL orders over $50.00 as well as many other great specials!

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Sarah J. said...

I read about the Super Do on the EADC website and call me a skeptic, but I don't think just one insert would work, especially at night, for my son. :o) Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE for it to work, but everything we have tried ends up soaked by morning. Last night we had a Mother-ease fitted stuffed with a SoftBums Stay-Dry Insert, a Stay-Dry Doubler AND an infant prefold with some fleece longies. He had it on from 7:15P-5A and the fleece was fairly damp this morning. We seem to have to worst luck with anything containing microfiber. It just doesn't seem to be very thirsty for us. :o(

Sarah J. said...

I forgot to mention that I do like Earth Angels Diaper Co. and their great customer service! :o)

Julie said...

Sarah do the Softbums inserts you use contain hemp? Hemp is super abosrbent and the Super Do contains 6 layers inside! I wish I could let you hold one of the Super Do's they are not like any other insert on the market. I understand that some kids aren't just Heavy Wetters, some are MEGA Wetters! If extra is needed beyond the Super Do then a KN Just Hemp would be the perfect addition.

Heidi J said...

I've got the super do (my son is actually wearing it right now for his nap) and it does work by itself. It is really thick. I've found that I hemp + microfiber/bamboo is the best combo for my heavy wetter, so I love the knickernappies inserts.

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