Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How to fight the funk!

What's one of a cloth diapering mama's greatest fears? Stinky diapers of course! After all, those disposables can always be dumped in the garage, but the cloth diapers have to sit in the diaper pail right there in the house until washing day! Battling the smell takes trial and error, but we learned a few ways to keep it in check and we hope this will help you on the fast track to successfully eliminating diaper odors.

  • Wash often. Wash no longer than every third day and make sure you aren't washing too many dirty diapers per load. Too many diapers for a load means you need to wash more often.
  • Use a Diaper Sprayer. While certainly not a necessity, we think it really helps. Also, keeping a separate Doorknob Diaper Pail in the bathroom so you’re not carrying dripping diapers from room to room. (It’s best to line dry the diaper pail liners, too. So having more than one is convenient.)
  • Diaper pail deodorizer – Use Fluff Dust (California Fields, which smells lovely!). If you run out, you can make something similar by using baking soda and a few drops of essential oils. Whenever you have a smelly diaper, you can sprinkle a bit in the diaper pail after dropping in the diaper.
  • Speaking of essential oils, you can also sprinkle a few drops on the fabric swatch in the liners after every wash. A personal favorite is lavender.
  • Wash with Bac-Out, sparingly, as needed. If not rinsed out completely, it can cause serious irritation. Use two teaspoons (or less) in the rinse, wash once with detergent and again without detergent. Then do a couple of extra rinses. (We have very hard water and a front-loader.) It’s miraculous in its ability to battle that diaper smell, though, so it’s worth it every once in a while.

With a little planning and some preventative tips and tricks, you can avoid a house of diaper smells just as well as (or better than) if you used disposable diapers.


Heather said...

cool thanks for the tips. i just got a pail liner. Now i don't have to wash out the pail as often. I have had no problems with cloth diapers stinking up the house, but i did with disposables! Thanks for the post!

Sarah R said...

I use a Rubbermaid tote and when I cloth diapered my son, I always kept the lid on. Thanks for the advice to let it be exposed to air!

Also, I am not familiar with pail liners -- could you use one of those with a Rubbermaid tote?

Julie said...

Sara a rubbermaid tote would work but depending on the size, a pail liner might not fit over it completely. Usually a pail liner would fit inside a kitchen sized garbage can and the Doorknob Pail by Knickernapppies hangs on the doorknob instead of going in a pail.

Knickernappies - Heather said...

The Doorknob Diaper Pail can hang anywhere it will snap, or it can fit inside of any standard-sized garbage can. It's made to be versatile and useful long after the diapering days are over!

Julie said...

We use Tea tree on the swatch (DH thinks it smells more "manly" =)) but only have odor when the pail is opened after a particularly "explosive" diaper -- I think I'll check out the Fluff Dust! Thanks for an article that can be used with those that are "afraid" of cd'ing.

wildkat32250 said...

Thanks for the tips on how to use Bac-Out. I've always been afraid to try it but it's good to know how to without ruining my diapers or irritating my son's tush. Now I have to try some of this Fluff Dust!

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