Thursday, March 25, 2010

Customer Review by Cindy, Knickernappies OS w/ Micro Inserts

Cindy's review of the Knickernappies OS Diaper w Micro Inserts

Purchased at Cloth Diaper Outlet

How was the overall review of product, fit, features, ease of use, how you like this product compared to other brands-I have been using the KN OS diapers since my daughter was 4 months old and she is now 12 months old. These were the first pocket diapers I used and I loved them from the start.

The fit is great because there are so many options for snapping. We have had minor leaks especially when she is laying down, but nothing major. My diapers came with both the small and large microfiber inserts and I just recently started using the large ones and sometimes put the smaller one in also for nighttime backup. I would say my favorite feature are the snap closures because I had tried bumgenius 3.0 and in only 4 months the velcro would not stick properly causing scratches on babies belly.

Would you recommend the Knickernappies OS to others? I would and have recommended the Knickernappies onesize to friends, I think they are very easy to use and wash and baby is very happy.


Sarah R said...

Thank you for this review because I can hardly find any reviews on the diapers with the microfiber inserts -- I haven't started using the diapers on my newborn yet, but will soon!

I plan on reviewing the diapers as well.

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