Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Benefits of choosing side-snapping diapers

We all know there are a ton of diapering options available in today's market. This makes buying diapers fun and exciting because there's a wide variety but also challenging because you want to choose the right diapers for your needs.

Let's discuss the benefits of choosing side-snapping diapers over diapers with various front closure methods. Knickernappies manufactures two styles of side-snapping diapers, the Knickernappies 2G (sized) Pocket Diaper and the Knickernappies Onesize Pocket.

There are many factors that make side-snapping diapers the right choice.

  • Side Snaps give baby a smooth tummy, no bulk across the stomach. Especially nice if you're concerned with baby's comfort, some tend to have more stomach issues than others at a young age.
  • Front tummy panel provides a solid PUL barrier for tummy sleepers who are prone to leaks and wicking through front closure areas and stitching.
  • Easier to pull pants on over side snap diapers.
  • With a potty training toddler, these work great as training pants...pull up, pull down without un-snapping.
  • Durable Snaps! With proper care, these will last for years where most aplix diapers will require repairs and/or aplix replacement.
  • Side snaps make diapers more difficult for a toddler to undo. Invaluable during the age where all your little one wants to do is tear off their diaper and run!
  • Wide weight range...8 lbs to 40 lbs
Knickernappies 2G (sized) Pocket Diapers are available in three sizes S,M,L and can fit from 5-35+lbs. They provide baby with a comfortable, absorbent and trim fit.

Knickernappies Onesize Pocket Diapers
fit babies from about 8-40lbs and provide you will all you need to last from birth through potty training. These great diapers are also available with either Microfiber Inserts or you can upgrade to LoopyDo Inserts.

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Kansas Mom said...

The side snaps definitely kept my daughter from taking off her diaper longer than the covers with aplix did. Of course, she's 19 months now and can take off the Knickernappies whenever she wants. I find she just doesn't think about it so much (and therefore doesn't do it) if she's wearing a one piece outfit (a onesie under pants or a dress). Otherwise, all her clothes and her diaper come off.

And she's even more likely to do so if her diaper is dirty! Thank goodness the undressing is usually a phase...

amanda said...

great benefits. i've never tried a side snapping diaper. but have some for our baby due in july. now i'm really excited to try them!!

simplymerry said...

Thanks! I was afraid to try side-snapping diapers, but now I want to!

Heather said...

hmmm...i just won a motherease side snap diaper and cover and DS had it off in a second! But i do like the side snapping. It's backwards compared to front snap/velcro but I do like it.

Linde said...

I've just started using Knickernappies and I love the side snapping closures on my baby's tummy! I wish I had more!

My Life As Mom said...

I love the size range between the two. While I do find the side snaps a little more time consuming to button up, especially with an active baby (during diaper changes) I still love them. I love the smooth front and the adjustability!

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